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The manufacturer is not responsible if the appliance becomes damaged or defective as a result of the user not following the information included in the instruction manual. Page 5 BMPW Using or storing the appliance in a wet, humid or damp environment can cause: - deterioration and premature aging of the cover and electric insulation of the appliance, - premature wearing and aging of the plastic and rubber components, - rust and corrosion affecting electrical components and metal parts.

The appliance must not be disassembled, its casing must not be removed, or its repair attempted.

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Page 7: Main Components BMPW Should you happen to measure a blood pressure differing from the normal, healthy fogyni brickell, or if you have any doubt in respect of the measured value, please have your blood pressure checked by a specialist doctor for diagnostic purposes, so that you can control the value measured by the appliance. Blood pressure is the pressure the blood exerts on the artery wall. The systolic value upper value can be measured when the myocardium contracts and forces blood into the arteries.

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Page 9: Power Supply BMPW Diastolic blood pressure Hgmm Seriously high blood pressure High blood pressure Rather high blood pressure Normal systolic value Fogyni brickell blood pressure Optimum blood pressure Systolic blood pressure target value Hgmm If the average of the blood pressure values measured by you differs from the normal values given in the table, or the measured values show significant fluctuations and thus they frequently differ from the healthy values, we advise you to consult your doctor.